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206017 - Radical Reptiles

Join us for a fun, unique and educational live animal presentation! Most of the animals can be touched, under the watchful eye of the instructor. You will see the following: The American Alligator, Burmese Python, Soft Shell Turtle, Yellow Anaconda, Green Anaconda, Green Tree Python, Snapping Turtle, Black-White Tegu, Water Monitor, Savannah Monitor, or Leopard Tortoise.

Presented by: Snakes-n-Snails and Turtle Tales, State Reptile experts.

Activity-Section Description Dates Days Time Ages Fees Notes
206017-A1 Radical Reptiles 12/28/2018 F 1:00P
to 1:45P
Infant and Up $12/$14.40

206144 - Winter Festival of Magic

A program that will astound, baffle, delight, thrill and entertain the young audience from the first moment of introduction until the curtain closes. Audience participation, excitement, and comedy can be expected in this fun show.

Presented by Joe Fischer, Professional Magician & Entertainer

Secrets of Magic AGES 6-12: After the magic show Join Joe Fischer and learn some secrets of magic. This is your childs chance to get a true behind the scenes look and learn from a true master. Joe's teaching ability and patience will make this a memorable event. Each child will receive their own bag of tricks, making them real magicians

Activity-Section Description Dates Days Time Ages Fees Notes
206144-A1 WinterFestivalMagic 12/27/2018 Th 1:00P
to 1:45P
1 year and Up $12/$14.40
206144-B1 Secrets of Magic 12/27/2018 Th 2:15P
to 3:15P
5 and a half years
to under 13 years
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